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Nani Iro Poppy trip

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    per 1/4 yard
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    A new design for SS15, Poppy trip is filled with pillowy blossoms of Poppies whose personalities change with each dramatic colour combination.  Poppy trip is about the innocence and newness of a journey, like the progression of a picture book, read for the first time, page by page bursting with delight. 

    We currently carry 6 colour variations:

    - Ohanashi (white base with red florals)  -- SOLD-OUT
    - Hanatsumi (pink base)* - SOLD-OUT
    - Kuso (white with white florals)* -- SOLD-OUT
    - Ima (white with blue florals)
    - Deal (yellow base)-- -- SOLD-OUT
    - Toku (black base)* - ALMOST GONE

    *please note these colourways contain accents which are painted, producing a shiny, metallic effect.  this metalicised treatment can give the fabric a stiffer feel than normal double gauze.

    Fabric measures 41/42" wide.  Printed on 100% double gauze cotton.  

    Sold and priced in 1/4 yard increments.  We cut additional increments of fabric continuously.  For example, if you select 4 units (which equates to 1 yard), you will receive a single piece of fabric that is 41/42" wide and 1 yard long. We regret that fabric, once cut, is non-refundable.

    This fabric is $18/yard or $4.50 per 1/4 yard.