Garthenor No 1 - Laceweight (Dorset Horn in Ammonite) - 50g

/ skein

Product Description

Minimally processed and beautiful, Garthenor's yarns are produced to the highest organic standards. Garthenor woollen spun laceweight yarns have a slightly rustic nature, and they reach their full potential once they’ve been wet blocked – the way the fibres fill out and relax is simply stunning.

Knit this on some 5mm needles for some open and airy lace work, or switch to 1.5mm for a denser, tighter knit fabric. This laceweight yarn also works amazingly well knitted as two strands – either to create a single colour 4 ply gauge, or a custom marl.

About the Breed

Dorset Horn is a rare breed in the UK, with fewer than 3000 breeding ewes remaining. Within these, only a tiny percentage are coloured, so to produce Ammonite really is unique in the yarn world. Garthenor is only able to spin about 40kg of this precious shade every year, so be sure to get it while you can.

Sourced from a single flock in beautiful Herefordshire, England, they were thrilled to find some coloured sheep in the flock. The sunbleached tips of the fleece are blended throughout to create a wonderful heathered tone in an almost totally cool grey. The short, crimpy fibres of the Dorset Horn fleece produce a sensationally lofty and airy yarn - nice and warm!

About the Garthenor

Garthenor’s mission is to promote and provide a variety of sustainable, organic & British wool products in an ecologically responsible way. Every single product Garthenor produces is Certified Organic by The Soil Association to Global Organic Textile Standards.  Their yarns are never dyed or bleached.  There are only ever 2 substances that come into contact with the fibres during processing: a gentle detergent and a spinning oil.  Both of these liquids have been approved the Global Organic Textile Standards, and are fully biodegradable. In 2003, Garthenor became the first fully certified organic yarn in the world.  

This item is sold as a 50g skein.  We are happy to wind the skein into a ball for you (just leave us a note to do so in the comment box). Please note that all skeins once wound into a ball are non-refundable.  We only carry washed versions of this yarn, i.e oils used in the spinning process have been removed.