Jen Kingwell: Winkipop - FQ (31 pcs)

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Product Description

Jen Kingwell's Winkipop collection cut as fat quarters (18x22"). 

About the Collection

Ahhh . . . Winkipop. How I love thee!  The prints and palette for this range were inspired by photographs of our local beach taken by Romy, a photographer based here in Victoria.  Winkipop is one of my favorites -- the colors wash together with the waves.  The cliff face reflects the setting sun, and mix with the summer grasses and wintery clouds.  They're all a reminder of the spectacular place I call home -- Australia's surf coast.  How lucky I am. 
 -- Jen Kingwell

All are printed on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton, quilt weight.  31 pcs in total. Approximately 7.75 yards. SKU: 18190AB

Each bundle is $115 each.