Moda: Lipstick Cowgirl by Shari Jenkins - Half Yard Bundle (18 pcs)

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Product Description

The complete collection of Lipstick Cowgirls by Shari Jenkins for Moda Fabrics cut as half yard pieces. 

About the Collection

Barbed wire and vintage petticoats, buttons and flowers, maps and fabric, chances are Shari Jenkins has collected it, scanned it, and used it to create her wildly original artwork. Throw in a love of Western history and motifs, a wicked sense of humor, and a woman's perspective, and you've got Lipstick Cowgirls. Shari's debut collection features collage images reproduced on a panel, and prints drawn from the layers of her artwork. Take inspiration from the mixing of elements and use these prints for quilts, garments and accessories.


SKU: 31720HY


All are woven on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton. 18 pcs in total, about 18x43" each. Approximately 9 yards total.