Moda: Sweetfire Road - Through the Woods - FQ (20 pcs)

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Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road's Through the Woods collection cut as fat quarters (18x22").  

Imagine wrapping a cozy quilt around your shoulders as you stroll peacefully through a forest under a clear starlit sky.  The softly glowing moon lights a pebbled path that meanders through a tangle of ferns, flora and fauna.  Smoky, seasonal hues of golden honey and birch gray evoke feelings of warmth and comfortable solitude.  Branches gently sway overhead as you revel in the quiet under the watchful eyes of a woodland owl.  This is "Through the Woods," the newest collection by Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road. 

SKU: 43110AB

All are printed on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton sheeting.  20 pcs in total. Approximately 5 yards total.