Ruby Star Society: Airflow by Sasha Ignatiadou - FQ (23 pcs)

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Product Description

Sasha Ignatiadou's guest collection for Ruby Star Society, Airflow, is inspired by animals and plants.  Sasha believes that patterns and imagery created by nature are often the most beautiful, so she turns there for inspiration.  Cats, tigers and cranes reside in a technicolor landscape of gently undulating botanicals, with rich metallics giving a luxe finish.  

About the Artist

Sasha Ignatiadou is an artist and illustrator based in Germany.  She has a degree in Architecture and Art, and her art is inspired by nature, female beauty and plants.  She uses a variety of techniques in her work, from watercolors to oil painting to digital drawing tools.  This is the first time her work will appear on fabric. 


Each bundle contains 23 fat quarters (approx 18x22"), approximately 5.75 yards. SKU: RS6001FQ


All are printed on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton.  


Each bundle is $80 each.