Tilda: Hometown - My Neighborhood Blenders - FQ Bundle (6 pcs)

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Product Description

Home is where the heart is, and perhaps never more so now, for many of us.  Being a city girl, Tilda once took the leap and moved to the country, the kind of small community where everyone knows each other and the bus driver stops right outside your door.  Picket fences, apple gardens and friendly gatherings are all a part of country life, and we feel lucky to have found our place on earth.  Hometown is a cozy collection where the love of home and community has been Tilda's main inspiration.  Drawings of neighborhoods, houses, gardens and gatherings in Autumn colors are perfect for homey quilts and projects.  The collection has a mix of patterns brought together by a sprinkled look that will make them see to interlace in a patchwork.  The rusty red tones -- perhaps combined with green -- will also work for your Christmas projects. 

Bundle contains 6 fabrics. This selection has been pre-cut and bundled by Tilda Fabrics into fat quarters (approximately 18x22"). All are printed on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton, quilt weight.  Approximately 1.5 yards.

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