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Garthenor No 3 - DK (Hebridean & Manx Loaghtan in Dark Brown) - 50g

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    50 g
    93 yards / 85 meters
    Suggested Needle Size:
    US6 or 4mm
    10 WPI
    100% certified organic Hebridean + Manx Loangthan wool
    handwash only
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    / skein
  • Product Description

    Minimally processed and beautiful, Garthenor's yarns are produced to the highest organic standards.  Garthenor's Number 03 is a two ply worsted spun DK weight yarn -- perfect for sweaters, blankets and accessories. 

    About the Breed

    In 1973 the Rare Breeds Survival Trust identified Hebridean sheep as a breed in danger of extinction. Only a few parkland flocks remained and none left in their homelands of the west of Scotland. Fortunately these parkland flocks had been virtually feral, with little, if any management and so the characteristics of the sheep had probably changed very little since their arrival. Most of the Hebridean fleece used at Garthenor is sourced from wildlife trusts in the UK. The fleeces from the Hebridean sheep usually weigh between 1½ – 2 ½ kg and range from black to dark brown; fleece tips may become brown through sun bleaching. Lambs are born black but the fleeces on many yearlings become quite brown before their first shearing and some may then go grey with age, particularly on the flanks and hindquarters. The yarn is ideal for outerwear but can also be fine enough for wearing closer to the skin. 

    Manx Loaghtan are a striking, primitive breed. They can normally be spotted a mile away with their magnificent horns (sometimes as many as six!), and their rich moorit fleeces. In the 1950s, there were as few as 100 Manx left, but their resurgence has been championed by a small number of dedicated breeders – though they still remain among the very rarest among the British breeds. The short staple length of Manx Loaghtan generally means it’s unsuitable for worsted spinning, but for woollen spun yarns like this one, it’s absolutely perfect. The soft handle means it’s suitable for use against the skin, and the scrumptious “Lhost dhoan” (burnt brown) colour from which their name comes is widely sought after.

    About the Garthenor

    Garthenor’s mission is to promote and provide a variety of sustainable, organic & British wool products in an ecologically responsible way. Every single product Garthenor produces is Certified Organic by The Soil Association to Global Organic Textile Standards.  Their yarns are never dyed or bleached.  There are only ever 2 substances that come into contact with the fibres during processing: a gentle detergent and a spinning oil.  Both of these liquids have been approved the Global Organic Textile Standards, and are fully biodegradable. In 2003, Garthenor became the first fully certified organic yarn in the world.  

    This item is sold as a 50g ball, ready to knit.  We only carry washed versions of this yarn, i.e oils used in the spinning process have been removed.