Clever Camel


Product Description


|'kle-var| |'ka-mel|

noun [usu. as object]

Camel fibers are rare and colored ones are even harder to find.  These fibers are collected from the downy undercoat of two-humped Bactrian camels residing in the Gobi. Our clever master fiber artisans, based in the heart of Tuscany,  diligently comb, card, clean, dye and spin the fibers into a soft and lofty yarn.

ORIGIN: Tuscany, Italy; discovered by the intrepid explorers of Jones & Vandermeer in the early 21st century.

Clever Camel is sold as a skein. We are happy to wind the skein into a ball for you (just leave us a note to do so in the comment box). Please note that all skeins once wound into a ball are non-refundable.

All colourways are now limited due to ongoing supply chain and inflationary issues at the mill.  Please purchase enough for your project. 

Did you know? We donate a portion of the proceeds from each skein of Clever Camel yarn purchased to the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.  Learn more here.