Atelier Brunette - LA Chemise

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(This is for a paper, hardcopy format of the pattern, which will be mailed to you.  It is not for a .pdf download.)  

Atelier Brunette's "LA Chemise" Pattern

LA Chemise is a loose-fit boyfriend shirt revisited with the Atelier Brunette style.
It has an oversized maxi cut embellished with feminine details that give it an assertive beauty.

2 versions are available:

VERSION A (without cut to the armholes)

All fabrics (except fabrics with stripes)

  • A very loose cut for non-negotiable comfort
  • A bevel cut on the front quite mesmerizing
  • A small French collar absolutely charming
  • Opening by attached button placket and buttons
  • An aerial bat handle
  • A delicate sleeve wrist and its buttoned Capuchin placket
  • A liquette bottom like LA Chemisette

VERSION B (with cut to the armholes)

  • The same character as version A with an additional cutout at the back sleeve. This cut is the best ally so that your scratches are perfectly aligned.

Fabric suggestions: soft fabrics such as viscose, cotton linen or blends.

Sizes:  XS to XL (French size: 34 to 44)

Level:  4/5 (intermediate-confirmed level)