Atelier Brunette - Vichy in Off White River (double gauze, 59" wide)

per 1/4 meter

Product Description

Gingham, which had its heyday in the 1960s, is back with a vengeance. Atelier Brunette's version is woven out of OekoTex and BCI certified double gauze -- perfect for creating cool and comfortable hand-sewn looks for both spring and summer.  The fabric is double sided featuring gingham one big, one small on reverse sides. 

Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Fabric measures 59" wide (150 cm).  Printed on a 50% cotton / 50% linen fabric with European CE certified ink (135 g per a square meter).  

Sold in 1/4 meter (0.27 yards) increments. Price is for a 1/4 meter. We cut additional increments of fabric continuously.  For example, if you select 4 units (which equates to 1 meter), you will receive a single piece of fabric that is 59" wide and 1 meter long. We regret that fabric, once cut, is non-refundable.

This fabric is $24/meter or $6 for a quarter meter strip.