Ear Muff Frames


Product Description

Ear muff frame for use in making your own one-of-a-kind ear muffs! We carry two styles:

- Behind the Neck (can be folded into a compact shape; (the ear piece has an approx diameter of 3.2"))
- Over the Head (the ear piece has an approx diameter of 3")

Both styles are adjustable and will fit both adult and child heads.  Please note that both styles comes as 3 separate pieces (2 ear frames and 1 adjustable band).  This is because it is easier to work with the frame as separate pieces.  

For the "Behind the Neck" style, the ear frames snap into the band.  If you have strong fingers, you can just snap the pieces in place; otherwise, flat-nosed pliers will facilitate assembly.  For the "Over the Head" style, the band is simply pushed into the ear frames. 

Detailed instructions on how to make ear muffs using the frames are not included. This listing is for the frames only. 

Price is for the frame only. 

Please see our blog for a tutorial on how to make "behind the neck" ear muffs!