Elizabeth Hartman - North Stars Quilt


Product Description

(This is for a paper, hardcopy format of the pattern, which will be mailed to you.  It is not for a .pdf download.)  

Elizabeth Hartman's "North Stars" Sampler Quilt Pattern

The North Stars animal sample quilt pattern features 9 blocks, each 24x24": Patty Polar Bear, Willa Walrus, Owen the Owl, Neville Narwhal, Lucille the Seal, Olive and Oswald Otter, Meredith Muskox, Fritz & Fred Fox, and Reggie Reindeer.  All blocks are sewn with simple straight and diagonal seams.  No templates or paper piecing!  Because the blocks are all the same size, they can be mixed and matched to make endless combinations of quilt and pillow projects. 

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