Free Spirit: Just Kitten Around by Monika Forsberg - Around Town Panel (24")

per 24" panel

Product Description

Around Town panel (24" height) from Monika Forsberg's Just Kitten Around collection for Anna Maria Horner's Conservatory Craft. 

About the Collection

"We live in a block of flats where there are numerous cats living, they roam the back gardens and it’s hilarious to watch. So, the neighbourhood cats are part of my inspiration, also our current cat Eddie. He is a funny 10-year-old White Russian w no tail (a dog bit it off). He only cares for food and cuddles, and occasionally fights (other cats). We once had a cat called Catstroke. He was old and mean and loved chicken. His expressions were used for this collection as well as our little baby cat called Pele. Cats are just funny. If you live with or around them, they have so many stories to tell." -- Monika Forsberg

Fabric measures 44" wide. 100% cotton, quilt-weight.    SKU: PWMF022.PANEL

Sold and priced by the panel.  We cut additional increments of fabric continuously.  For example, if you select 4 units (which equates to 4 panels), you will receive a single piece of fabric that is 44" wide and 96 inches long. We regret that fabric, once cut, is non-refundable.