Knit Collage: Happy Dance Yarn - Disco Confetti

/ skein

Product Description

Knit Collage's most trim-filled yarn to date, Happy Dance, will make you want to do just that! Spinners in India worked very carefully in the carding process and learned a new spinning technique to bring these handspun skeins to life. Happy Dance yarn is what you get when you combine yarn and fiber confetti with groovy tunes and a whole lot of love. 

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this yarn, some fibers or trims may shed as you work with the yarn. That is all normal and part of what makes this yarn so unique! It's all about those little chopped up bits of fiber and trims. After first use, the shedding should subside, however, treat this yarn delicately as you work with it.

Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein. 

Happy Dance is sold as a skein.