Moda: Make Time by Aneela Hoey - F8 (33 pcs)

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Product Description

Aneela Hoey's Make Time collection cut as fat eighths (9 x22").  

Inspired by the recognition of how creating space in our lives to be makers helps us to discover ourselves, and who really are.  The artwork for Make Time was inspired by Aneela's love of textiles, and of making.  There are split pins, cute scissors and simple motifs drawn from the domestic arts.  To complement the images, the range of blenders comes from favorite fabric textures and basics.  The palette is soft, warm and pretty but still classic.  Whether you enjoy making quilts, bags or other small projects, there is plenty here to inspire you to Make Time for yourself. 

SKU: 24570F8

All are printed on a quilt-weight, 100% cotton sheeting.  33 pcs in total. Approximately 4.125 yards total.