Yuwa - Yoshiko Jinzenji - Small Motifs (more options)

per 1/4 yard
Minimum Purchase:
2 units

Product Description

From Yoshiko Jinzenji -- a vanguard of modern quilting, Small Motifs features Jinzenji's favorite landscapes and small motifs encountered during her travels.  This design was created when she re-arranged some of her favorite motifs from her notebooks on white canvas.  This rearrangement looked fresh and new to her. 

The pattern repeats every 24" along the length of the fabric. 

We carry 6 color variations:

  • A - white (just arrived!)
  • B - off white
  • C - blue/grey
  • D - bright yellow
  • E - purple (just arrived!)
  • F - gray

Fabric measures 43/44" wide. Printed in Japan on 100% lawn-weight cotton.

Sold and priced in 1/4 yard increments. We cut additional increments of fabric continuously.  For example, if you select 4 units (which equates to 1 yard), you will receive a single piece of fabric that is 43" wide and 1 yard long. 

We regret that fabric, once cut, is non-refundable.       

This fabric sells for $18/yard or $4.50 for a 1/4 yard strip.