Maison Fauve - Bellini Blouse

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Product Description

(This is for a paper, hardcopy format of the pattern, which will be mailed to you.  It is not for a .pdf download.)  

Maison Fauve's "Bellini" Blouse Pattern

The blouse that goes with everything, easy to sew and nicely finished, it's him!

The BELLINI sewing pattern will be the essential little top of your wardrobe. Its line is supple and straight, with a set of folds that embellishes the shoulders and back. Offered in a shirt and blouse version, with long sleeves and sleeveless, it will be available over the seasons and desires.

Skill level:   BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE according to the chosen finish. The technical points of the pattern are: the button placket, the seam of the sheath back insert, the assembly of the sleeve and wrist (facilitated by the sleeve in 2 parts), the stitched folds on the site of the bust, the chest clamps, the laying of the bias (sleeveless version).
Sizes: 34-52 (French) / approximately equal to size 4 to 22 (US). Please refer to size charts for more information.
  • With sleeves

    34-40: 140 cm
    42-48: 160 cm
    50-52: 180 cm


    34-38: 100 cm
    40-44: 110 cm
    46-50: 140 cm
    52: 150 cm

  • 6 buttons of about 12 mm for the buttoned version

  • 30 cm of G710 fusible for the version without buttons and 60 cm for the buttoned version

Suggested fabrics:  

Soft and light fabrics between 70 and 200g/m2, which mark with iron to facilitate the sewing of folds: popeline, crepe, a veil, lace, thin jeans or chambray, in cotton, viscose, linen, tencel or silk.