Maison Fauve - Soliflore Dress

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(This is for a paper, hardcopy format of the pattern, which will be mailed to you.  It is not for a .pdf download.)  

Maison Fauve's "Soliflore" Dress Pattern

Discreet elegance, a streamlined cut: beneath its apparent simplicity, the beautiful SOLIFLORE dress has a very assertive look: its straight cut is supported by a belt, and the front slit on the side feminizes and energizes the silhouette. Its signature pinch detail on the back neckline, and a large collar that elevates without constricting the neck for a haughty head carriage, embellished by a button placket that allows it to be worn closed or open and folded down.

The pattern is available in 4 versions: below-the-knee dress or blouse, with collar or collarless.

Seam allowances are included (1 CM). Bilingual French / English pattern.  Written using metric units. 

Skill level:  advanced, technical points include collar and placket assembly, front slit, cuffs and tear-away slit at bottom of sleeve.

Sizes: 34-52 (French) / approximately equal to size 4 to 22 (US). Please refer to size charts for more information.

Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight fabrics (80 to 200 g/m2): fine poplin, twill, crepe, fine jacquard, fine, supple denim, cotton, viscose, silk. The collar and cuffs will be held in place by the interlining, so you can choose a soft fabric for the garment.