Maison Fauve - Spritz Duo Tank Top

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(This is for a paper, hardcopy format of the pattern, which will be mailed to you.  It is not for a .pdf download.)  

Maison Fauve's "Spritz" Duo Tank Top Pattern

The SPRITZ tank top duo will be the all-everything asset of your wardrobe. The pattern has 2 pieces:

  • A first tank top embellished with a Tunisian collar (which is an option), very low-cut on the neckline, for a flexible and nonchalant look
  • A second tank top with a classic, straight cut and the notch of the arms and neckline adapted to wearing a bra

Each top has perfect finishes thanks to the installation of a bias at the armhole and neckline, and assembly in English seams.

You can combine them, by sliding the second under the first, or wear them mismatched. The most low-cut tank top will be beautiful over a swimsuit, a bra, a pretty lingerie that we want to reveal or even the skin for the most daring, while the second will be the perfect basic to wear on a daily basis.

Skill level:   BEGINNER for the bottom tank top, INTERMEDIATE for the top tank top if you sew the button placket. The technical points are sewing pliers, placing a bias, making a button placket type polo.
Sizes: 34-52 (French) / approximately equal to size 4 to 22 (US). Please refer to size charts for more information.
  • Fabric for a width of 140cm for each tank top

    34-38: 100 cm
    40-44: 120 cm
    46-48: 130 cm
    50-52: 140 cm

  • 3 buttons of about 12 mm for the top tank top
  • 20 cm of G710 tight-on
Suggested fabrics:  Fabrics of light weight max. 200g/m2, a fine jacquard, twill, crepe, poplin, veil, lace, in cotton, viscose or silk. Avoid synthetic fabrics that do not mark well with the iron because this will make it difficult to apply the bias and clean finishes for English seams. THIS IS A SEWING PATTERN FOR CHAIN AND WEFT FABRICS, IT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR MESH-TYPE FABRICS SUCH AS JERSEY.