Product Description

(’tuhk-er). noun [usu. as object]

is a one-skein, nautical chain link neckwarmer that fastens with a whimsical knit toggle closure! Yes indeed! The 5” wide toggle dangling o the end is actually knit as part of the scarf and then stuffed to retain its plump shape. Tucker is knit on US15 needles with Crème de Cashmere, making it a really speedy and sumptuous knit.

ORIGIN  New York City, pattern written by the Jones & Vandermeer design team.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL   intermediate (mostly knits and purls with a single cable cross in the pattern repeat that is a bit more complicated than the basic twist; K2tog; P2tog, Cable CO).

SIZE  25" long by 5½" wide


- Crème de Cashmere: 1 skein; shown in Neat Navy.

- US15 (10.0mm) straight or circular needles

- Cable needle, crochet hook to weave in end,  darning needle for a bit of seaming

- (Optional): A bit of stuffinng (polyester fiber-fill), a 5½ x 3½” piece of fabric (optional), and some thread.

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SPECIAL OFFER   the tucker pattern is free with the purchase of 1 skein of Crème de Cashmere.  just write "tucker" in the comments box and we'll send you a hardcopy of the pattern.  there's no need to add the pattern into your cart to receive the offer.