Crème de Cashmere


Product Description


|krem| |duh| |'kazh-mir|

noun [usu. as object]

is constructed from several strands of the finest cashmere fibers, diligently combed, carded, cleaned, spun, and finally woven into the softest, lightest and fluffiest bulky cashmere yarn we've ever laid our hands on. three different shades of cashmere are used in the construction of crème de cashmere, resulting in a refined and understated color mood.

ORIGIN: Tuscany, Italy; discovered by the intrepid explorers of Jones & Vandermeer in the early 21st century.

Currently available in 2 color variations.

Crème de Cashmere is sold as a skein. We are happy to wind the skein into a ball for you (just leave us a note to do so in the comment box). Please note that all skeins once wound into a ball are non-refundable.