Yuwa Live Life Collection Habadashery (more colors)

per 1/4 yard

Product Description

This 2013 addition to Yuwa's Live Life Collection features a curated assortment of vintage sewing thread, needles, yarn, embroidery supplies beautifully depicted and juxtaposted against happy Palm Beach colours. The contrast is modern, fresh, and has that certain je ne sais quoi

Available in 2 colours:

Fabric measures 43" wide. Printed in Japan on Yuwa's 100% Premium Collection cotton. 

Sold and priced in 1/4 yard (9") increments. We cut additional increments of fabric continuously.  For example, if you select 4 units (which equates to 1 yard), you will receive a single piece of fabric that is 43" wide and 1 yard long.   We regret that fabric, once cut, is non-refundable.        

This fabric sells for $17/yard or $4.25 for a quarter yard strip.